Improve or learn fiddle. Expand your repertoire, learn Scottish technique, bowing, improve your tone. Tension free playing
Technique and tune videos provided after each lesson to help with home practice and consolidation.
"Hello! I hope everyone is fairing well and is managing to stay healthy during these unprecedented times. Lockdown has been both interesting and challenging for me so far. Resilience and adaptiveness have featured heavily in my life since the  17th March! 
I was due to complete my honours degree with a recital in Stornoway on the 20th April. This  was to be a 40 minute performance with piano accompaniment and also an additional fiddler. Obviously this could not happen, therefore I had to rapidly re-work my programme to  work with solo fiddle and guitar (provided by my fantastic partner, Grant) I  recorded my performance sets using my mobile phone, and submitted the portfolio  in the form of a powerpoint presentation. I did the best I could given our current situation. I felt really sad for a few days following completion as I really wanted my 'moment' on stage. As an extra mature student and working Mum, completing this part my studies is a huge achievement , resulting in 4 years of hard work, juggling, tears, and not as lot of sleep! 
Teaching practice has changed dramatically during lockdown. I am so grateful to have fabulous students who have  adapted to virtual lessons brilliantly. Thank you!!
I now have much more time on. my hands which has enabled me to take on new students, and with the only option for tuition being online this also means I can now teach students from further afield in the UK and abroad. I was a wee bit apprehensive about the learning experience for online tuition, but my fears have proved to be unfounded as all of my students are  learning  as much as they would do if we were face to face, with the added advantage of doing so from the comfort of their own homes.  All lessons are followed up with tune and technique videos. These really help with home practice between lessons. The usual video format would be - 1. Tune up to speed. 2. Tune played slowly.  3. Technique  related to tune style. e.g reel, strathspey, march, jig. 4. Breakdown into segments for tricky parts.
I f you are a beginner, an improver, an advanced player looking to work on specific techniques, or someone who played when they were younger and  are in need of
a refresh, please get in touch. I would be delighted to help.
Much fiddle love,
Kirstie xxx"


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